The following sentiments have something in common, beside being wrong.

You think your problems are bad?
If you're not outraged, you're part of the problem.
Man up!

If your ideology punishes people for existing, or for being happy, or for self-care, or for doing any of those in public, then something has gone wrong.

Mentally ill people aren't the only ones who have an actual, no-kidding need to be happy and liked. It is as basic a human need as hygiene.

If you insult people who are trying sincerely and getting it wrong -- even really badly wrong -- then you're training them to stop trying.

If you are unpleasant to be around, then people will avoid you.

Yes, there are people out there who need a sterner voice, who won't respond to kindness. But those people are not reading your blog. If you want them to hear you, you have to speak in a way that they cannot ignore, even by a concerted effort. Street protests are one traditional way to accomplish this, though not necessarily the best one for your needs.

Be nice to the people who are listening to you willingly. If you have something not-so-nice to say, make sure you have a captive audience. Don't waste your harsh words on the Internet.