I’m migrating my blog from Wordpress to Jekyll.

Jekyll is much more lightweight than Wordpress, and a better match for how I blog. It compiles from Markdown, so it’s totally frictionless for me to write my posts in my favorite text editor. In addition, because it produces static sites, it’s compatible with publishing to IPFS. (You can see this site on IPFS at /ipns/sonatagreen.com.)

The aesthetic overhaul shoud be obvious. The main functional change, aside from pages hopefully loading faster, is the loss of the comments section, which in practice didn’t see much use. My contact information is in the footer, if you want to talk to me.

One change that may be more easily missed is that the bitcoin address in the footer can now change on a per-post basis. I haven’t gone back and added individual addresses for all of my old posts, but going forward I intend for each post to have its own address. This should make it easier for me to track what sorts of things are most popular, so that I can give you all more of what you want.

Let me know what you think.

(The old blog is at wp.sonatagreen.com, for now.)