SCP-7475-J is a surprisingly useful metaphor for talking about social justice and the ways it can go bad.

The subject of the article is Turbo Shark Pulverizer 6000, an agent of the Shark Punching Center dedicated with a fanatical zeal to punching sharks in the face.

TSP6K could reasonably be described as a paladin: a warrior on a holy mission, empowered by their righteous zeal. This is the archetype, positive and negative, of the social justice warrior; whether it is considered a good or bad thing depends almost entirely on whether one considers the mission to in fact be righteous.

TSP6K strays from their mission, however, when they begin to identify people as shark sympathizers and so turn their powers on ordinary humans. They eventually manage to pervert the cause entirely by obtaining a shark mask and forcing it onto anyone they want to attack. That is, they actively and deliberately make people look like the Enemy, specifically in order to be allowed to hurt them.

Ultimately, they prove to have some degree of true anti-shark conscience remaining, because they are re-contained by convincing them that they are a shark, thereby inducing them to punch themself repeatedly in the face. In this analogy, a social justice fallen paladin can be stopped by convincing them that they are engaging in a form of oppression. (This may be overly optimistic.)

SCP-7475-J was written by Gargus.