Two servants were sent out on a journey to make a delivery to a town that lay two days’ travel away, and were provided by their master with food and water and tents for the journey.

When it came nightfall, they pitched their tents, but could not agree on whether to light a fire to keep them warm against the chill of night. One of the servants said that the supplies given them by their master were sufficient, and that he would have given them all that they needed. The other servant said that their master knew that they would find firewood on the road, and trusted them to make use of what they found.

In the end, the second servant made a small fire and slept warm, and the first servant froze to death in the night. Because the goods which were to be delivered were too many for one person to carry, the second servant was forced to leave the first servant’s goods behind at the campsite.

So it was that the second servant, who built the fire, completed the task that the master had commanded; and the first servant, who did not build the fire, failed.

I don’t know if there’s anyone reading my blog that didn’t already know this, but I’ve recently converted to Christianity. Before my conversion, I had not been planning on being cryopreserved; now, I’m reconsidering.