Werewolves and their transformations are fundamentally linked to the phases of the moon.

The moon waxes and wanes gradually. I want to see a werewolf that does the same. Over the course of the month, she gradually shifts from human to wolf and back. At the full moon, she is almost completely a wolf; at the new moon, she is almost completely a human.

As with the phases of the moon, the intermediate states are a matter of parts rather than degrees. Some of her body is wholly human, and some of her body is wholly wolf. As the phases shift, the wolf waxes and spreads, wanes and retracts, head to toe, nose to tail.

She is never completely one or the other, because the moon herself is never completely new or full. At the moments when she would be, there is instead an eclipse.

During a lunar eclipse, a moon that would have been fully lit is instead cast into blue shadow. The wolf briefly becomes human, but aspected with wolflike properties: bipedal, but with a wolflike shape and proportion of the limbs; furless, but her hair is coarse and gray; opposable thumbs, but thick pads on her palms.

During a solar eclipse, the dark moon becomes visible as she blots out the sun. Her body is human, but she is shrouded in a corona of the wolf, a feral aura, immaterial yet realer than real. It is at this time only that her mind is occluded and she becomes truly a beast.